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Welcome to Creative Card Designs! Here, you will find lots of personalized cards for friends and family. I thought it would be good to make personalized cards to stay connected with people.

At Creative Card Designs, I make personalized cards. I chose to do personalized cards because I love doing art. I have also made some cards in my lifetime like birthday cards for my friends. Each card is unique because it’s personalized for you.

You can personalize my designs by giving me the recipient’s name and I can include it in the picture, or write it in on the front of the card. You can even give me a description of a picture that you would like me to draw if you want something very customized. I am excited to make my cards for you.

-Size: 5″x 7″

-Hand/digitally drawn

-Envelope included

-Material: Paper Card Stock

-Cards can be blank inside or I can print a message.

-Your card will ship via USPS within 3-5 business days

-Price: $5.99 per card including shipping and handling

Check out my recent designs below or look at specific kinds of cards in the menu.

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Rainbow Birthday Letters Card
Swirly Birthday Letters Card – I can change the colors (up to 3)
Swirly Name Birthday Card – I can change the colors (up to 3)
Multiple Flowers Card
Art Paint Palette Card
Art Sketchbook Card
Cookie Card -You can change colors of party hat and name
Birthday Cake Card
Ice Cream Card -Can have any message on the front.
Rainbow Card
Flower Card
Panda Card
Bubble Tea Card -You can include a message above the bubble tea
Unicorn Card